Sheriff Clarke: Americans Who Declare Allegiance To ISIS Should Be Sent To Gitmo

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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Sheriff David Clarke says that any American who pledges their allegiance to ISIS should forfeit their citizenship, be charged with treason and then sent to Guantanamo Bay, “because I don’t want these individuals in American jails and prisons continuing that radicalization.”

Appearing on Fox Business Network’s “Varney & Co” on Monday, Clarke also slammed Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney arguing, “As Ben Franklin said, ‘We are all born ignorant but one must work really hard to remain stupid.’ Apparently, he had Mayor Kenney in mind when he said that.” (RELATED: Philly Mayor: The Jihadist Who Shot A Police Officer Has ‘Nothing To Do With Being A Muslim’ [VIDEO])

“As a matter of fact, Mayor Kenney is putting in overtime,” Clarke insisted. Claiming that Kenney made “an idiotic statement” by suggesting that the man who attempted to assassinate Philly cop Jesse Hartnett didn’t have anything to do with Islam. (The man has claimed allegiance to ISIS.) This has everything to do with Islam as a political ideology. I don’t understand why he and some of his fellow lefties, including the president of the United States and the Attorney General continue to live in denial about the fact that war has been declared, and now that has reached the homeland, not just law enforcement officers, but American citizens as well.”

“Barack Obama is either unwilling or incapable of doing his most solemn responsibility, and that is to protect the American people,” Clarke suggested.
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“Look, this going to call for bold and aggressive action on the part of the president of the United States. Not only does he not have a military strategy to deal with the Islamic threat, but we also don’t have one where at home in terms of domestic intelligence. I’ve maintained that the FBI is the wrong organization to lead on domestic intelligence,” Clarke said.

“So one of the things that I propose is that the president take bold and aggressive action under Article I, Section IX, Clause II, and any United States citizen that declares allegiance to a foreign threat that has declared war on the United States, forfeits their citizenship. They should be charged with treason. They should be moved to Gitmo, because I don’t want these individuals in American jails and prisons continuing that radicalization,” Clarke suggested.

“And they should be charged under a military tribunal, they should not have access to American courts. Now, I realize that there’s going to be some legal issues,” Clarke admitted. “Let the lawyers haggle that out. The president of the United States is not doing enough to protect the American people. And like I said, anytime someone declares allegiance to a foreign government, all bets are off.”

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