15 Year-Old Boy Attacks Jewish Teacher In Name Of ISIS

Alexa Santry Contributor
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A 15 year-old boy attacked a Jewish teacher outside a city building in the French city of Marseille on Monday, Reuters reports.

The boy was armed with a machete and knife and told police that the assault was conducted in the name of ISIS. Witnesses stated they heard the boy, of Kurdish origin and Turkish decent, proclaim, “Allah hu akbar,” Arabic for Allah is great, directly before the attack.

The victim, who was only hurt slightly, was reportedly wearing a traditional kippah and was on his way to a synagogue in the city. The teacher was able to protect himself from serious injury with a copy of the Torah that he was carrying.

This attack occurs less than two months after ISIS supporters attacked a different Jewish teacher also wearing a kippah outside a synagogue in the same city.

The teen was arrested shortly after the attack. A local police spokesman told The Mirror that the boy was “probably mentally ill.”