Oregon State Workshop: Ordering Starbucks Shows ‘Implicit Bias,’ Relates To ‘Killings Of Black Men’

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Oregon State University will host a workshop next week that will explain to students how ordering a coffee at Starbucks involves “implicit biases that contribute to injustice” and connects to the “recent killings of black men” by white cops.

The Jan. 19 workshop entitled “Making the Unknown Known: Exploring Implicit Bias in Everyday Life” is part of a nine-day Martin Luther King celebration at the school, reports Campus Reform.

Here’s Oregon State’s blurb explaining the 90-minute event:

“What do the Supreme Court’s ruling on the Fair Housing Act in late June, recent killings of black men by White [sic] police officers, and a person ordering coffee at Starbucks have in common? Answer: Implicit bias, which refers to attitudes or stereotypes that influence our perceptions, judgements [sic], and behaviors in an unconscious manner. In this workshop, participants will gain knowledge about the concept of implicit bias, discover how it shows up in their lives, and learn ways to uncover and challenge the implicit biases that contribute to injustice.”

Michele Ribeiro, Oregon State’s interim mental health promotion director, explained that going to Starbucks and purchasing coffee involves implicit bias and relates to white cops shooting black people “because it is a common, everyday thing people do.”

“Just because it is a common everyday thing people do…order coffee…implicit bias is also a common, everyday thing people do, though maybe not conscious,” Ribeiro, who co-organized the taxpayer-funded workshop, told Campus Reform.

Other workshops during the Martin Luther King festivities at Oregon State include a workshop called “Places of Injustice,” which will lament buildings at the school named after people associated with racism. There will also be the annual MLK Dance, “a wonderful way to bring everyone together in a different setting so that they can unwind.”

Earlier this month, Oregon State held a pair of racially segregated retreats. One, called “Examining White Identity in a Multicultural World,” was specifically for white students. Another, entitled called “Racial Aikido,” was specifically for non-white students, At the end of January, the school will hold a third retreat, “Multiracial Aikido” especially for multiracial students. (RELATED: Public University To Hold Racially-Segregated ‘Social Justice Retreats’)

While Oregon State is fast becoming known for its passion for student segregation, the school — home of the Beavers — will always be most famous because police issued a public indecency citation to former student Kendra Sunderland after she made a lengthy pornographic video in the main library last year.

The video, which has been variously described as between 17 and 31 minutes in its complete duration, includes full-on nudity and shows Sunderland — 19 at the time — blowing pink bubble gum and smirking into a laptop on a desk with library stacks clearly visible behind her. She grabs and exposes her breasts. She types on her keyboard. She grabs and reveals her breasts a bunch more. Then, after pulling down her jeans to exhibit her panties and grabbing her butt, she masturbates furiously. (RELATED: Teen Porn Star Got Naked, Got Busted In Oregon State Library Video Frolic)

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