Watch Megyn Kelly Eviscerate DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz [VIDEO]

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Fox News host Megyn Kelly blasted Democratic National Committee Chair [crscore]Debbie Wasserman Schultz[/crscore] for “diminishing” comments directed towards South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley.

Tuesday night on Fox News’s “The Kelly File,” Kelly asked Wasserman Schultz, “Shouldn’t you be more careful with your language?” What are you going to say when people criticize you for making Hillary Clinton the Democratic nominee only because she’s a woman,” Kelly insisted. “You’re [DWS] going to say this is sexist and watch it!”

Kelly began her interview by asking Wasserman Schultz about her “diminishing” comments directed towards Haley after the Democrat said the only reason the South Carolina governor delivered the Republican rebuttal to Barack Obama’s State of the Union was for “diversity purposes.”

“Even the Republicans themselves have acknowledged they have a diversity problem,” Wasserman Schultz claimed. “If you look at their autopsy report following the 2012 election, they have specifically said they would continue to lose presidential elections unless they address the problem that they have with their alienation of minority groups.”

“But you said that. Don’t you think it’s diminishing toward her? Why do you bring her gender into it?” Kelly asked.

“I agree that they have a diversity problem,” Wasserman Schultz said. “It’s very clear that Nikki Haley is…”

[dcquiz] Why couldn’t Haley “have been picked because she’s smart, she’s savvy, she presents well, she’s articulate, and she is a great spokesman for the Republicans,” Kelly interjected.

Wasserman Schultz then claimed Haley “has actually done damage to her state, has been actually a governor who has been extremely unpopular. Refuses to expand Medicaid to 250,000 South Carolinians.”

“So it happened to be her gender? That’s why they had to pick her,” a visibly disturbed Kelly asked.

“Well, when you’re not doing a good job and your people don’t like the job you’re doing it’s hard to actually focus on any other reason other than that. And the Republicans, again have acknowledged themselves, Megyn, that they have a diversity problem,” Wasserman Schultz said.

“You’re in an important position. You’re in an important position. Shouldn’t you be more careful with your language? As a woman, when it comes to women– What are you going to say when they say they only made Hillary the nominee– if she becomes the nominee–because she’s a woman? You’re going to say this is sexist and watch it,” Kelly insisted.

“Well, this is a person chosen to give a speech. Of the people in the Republican Party, if you take a look at accomplishments and popularity, Nikki Haley is not the person that would leap to mind at the top of the list. She isn’t popular in her state,” Wasserman Schultz claimed.

“I know you are better than this,” Kelley insisted. “You know you’re on shaky ground. All right, I got to move on this to something else.”

According to a Winthrop University poll of likely South Carolina Republican primary voters, Haley has a 81 percent approval rating, 84 percent among Tea Party supporters. Public Policy Polling notes that Haley is one of the most popular governors in America with a 56 percent approval rating. Even more strikingly, Haley almost breaks even among
Democrats with a 40/42 approval rating.

“I’m not at all on shaky ground,” Wasserman Schultz continued to claim. “The Republicans themselves acknowledge they have a diversity problem, Megyn and they continue to try to address it but to no success.”

Kelly then changed the topic of their interview and asked Wasserman Schultz why some Democrats invited members of the Council on American-Islamic Relations to the State of the Union. Kelly pointed out to Wasserman Schultz that “CAIR is an unindicted conspirator in a terrorist trial. Obama, President Obama’s DOJ says they’re directly linked to Hamas, which we recognize as a terrorist group.” (RELATED: MSNBC Host: SOTU Is Bring Your Muslim To Work Day For Democrats [VIDEO])

“Megyn, now who is talking about something that is disappointing,” Wasserman Schultz wondered.

“President Obama’s DOJ said that, not me,” Kelly insisted. “There are a lot of great Muslim Americans that could go that are not affiliated with a group that has been named as an unindicted could conspirator in a terror trial.”

“Megyn, I asked my colleagues to join me in what I did tonight which was invite a Muslim American constituent, a leader in our community to join me as my guest at the state of the Union and 25 members did that. That was the right thing to be because we need to make sure that we could call out the discrimination,” Wasserman Schultz said.

“It’s not the Muslim guest, it’s CAIR in particular but I understand your point,” Kelly said before ending the interview.


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