Giuliani Says Obama Should Call For Kerry’s Resignation [VIDEO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani said Thursday that President Barack Obama should ask for Secretary of State John Kerry’s resignation for the way Kerry responded to Iran capturing and releasing 10 American sailors.

In response to Iran taking 10 Americans hostage, Kerry said, “I want to express my gratitude to Iranian authorities for their cooperation in swiftly resolving this matter.”

Appearing on Fox News’s “Fox & Friends” on Thursday, Giuliani said, “It’s time to retire when you don’t check the facts before you make a statement like that and you congratulate a country that has killed thousands and thousands of Americans.” (RELATED: Iran Arrests US Sailors At Gunpoint, Uses Them For Propaganda Purposes; John Kerry Grovels)

“And to say that about this [Iran] government, you better have of checked your facts first,” he said. “So now we have a secretary of state that doesn’t check his facts, apologizes for the United States, then the United States gets humiliated. This is an embarrassment to the United States.”

 “The president should ask for [Kerry’s] resignation, because a man who doesn’t check his facts like that shouldn’t be secretary of state,” Giuliani continued.(VIDEO: Iran Releases Footage Of Captive US Sailors)

“If he worked for me as an assistant U.S. Attorney, he’d have another job the next day,” he claimed. (RELATED: American Sailor Apologizes On Iranian State TV)


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