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#NotAllMuslims: Jakarta

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I wish somebody could explain to me why these things keep happening.

Fox News:

Attackers set off a series of explosions in a bustling shopping area of Indonesia’s capital city Thursday morning in what authorities said was an imitation of last November’s terror attacks in Paris that killed 130 people.

All five attackers and a Canadian and an Indonesian died in the midmorning explosions and gunfire that were watched by office workers from high-rise buildings on Thamarin Street in Jakarta, not far from the presidential palace and the U.S. Embassy, police said. Another 19 people were injured…

“We have identified all attackers … we can say that the attackers were affiliated with the ISIS group,” national police spokesman Maj. Gen. Anton Charilyan told reporters, referring to the Islamic State group.


It would be a mistake to attribute the motive for this terror attack to Islam, though. Indonesia is something like 87% Muslim, so inevitably some of the victims had to be Muslim. That means it balances out, and the attackers’ stated motive is irrelevant.

As always after one of these unfortunate incidents, it’s important to remember the real victims: Muslims who think you’re talking about them when you use the word “Muslim” as an accurate descriptor while discussing a terrorist. It’s very hurtful, and we should all stop doing it.

If you must discuss an act of terror committed by Muslims, describe them merely as “extremists” who hold “radical beliefs.” You can note that they cite “religious and political reasons” for blowing things up and murdering people, but please don’t elaborate on what those reasons are. It’s really none of your business, and you wouldn’t want people to start thinking you’re a racist.

As always, I apologize on behalf of all white Christians for the emotional pain we keep inflicting on our Muslim betters, over and over and over. As-salamu alaykum.

P.S. In other words, don’t make the same mistake as this woman.