Sparks Fly In Debate Between Cruz And Trump On Birther Issue [VIDEO]

Derek Hunter Contributor
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The exchange got heated between Texas Senator [crscore]Ted Cruz[/crscore] and billionaire businessman Donald Trump in the Fox Business Channel debate. Asked if he truly was a “natural born citizen” of the United States, Cruz pointed out how, by some conspiracies on the issue, even Trump would be disqualified to be elected president because his mother was born in Scotland.

Trump responded, “I was born here. Big difference.”

Cruz accused Trump of making this an issue because Cruz has been catching up to him in the polls. Citing Trump’s declaration that Cruz may be disqualified, he reminded the audience Trump was saying the opposite just in September, when Trump said he’d had his lawyers look at the issue. “Since September the Constitution hasn’t changed, but the poll numbers have,” Cruz said.

The crowd booed Trump several times during the exchange.

The back and forth escalated to the point of Trump saying if he picked Cruz as his vice presidential candidate, Democrats would bring the fight to court claiming he can’t serve.

Asked why he was making this an issue now, Trump responded, “Because now he’s doing a little bit better. No, I didn’t care before, it’s true. No, it’s true. He never had a chance. Now he’s doing better, he’s got probably a 4 or 5 percent chance.”

Cruz responded to that charge by saying he’d happily choose Trump to be his vice president, that way, if Trump’s theory turns out to be true, Trump would become president by default. “I’ll tell you what, Donald. You very kindly, just a moment ago, offered me the VP slot. I’ll tell you what: If this all works out, I’m happy to consider naming you as VP, and so if you happen to be right you can get the top job at the end of the day,” Cruz said.

Trump responded, “I like that, I like it, I’d consider it. But I think I’ll go back to building buildings if it doesn’t work out. I have a feeling it’s going to work out, actually.”


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