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‘They Are Spinning Up As We Speak’: Why Were American Forces Held Back In Benghazi?

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Andrea Mitchell calls the following a “conspiracy theory.” Evidence that you can see for yourself, right there in black and white, is a “conspiracy theory.”

Sharyl Attiksson:

Americans were in mortal danger in a foreign land. Other Americans were ready, willing, and able to go to their rescue. And yet it didn’t happen.

In other news, the survivors of the men who died that night refuse to be silenced:

This might seem baffling, even infuriating, but it all makes sense when you realize the only possible explanation: Everybody is lying except Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and their underlings.

The men on the ground in Benghazi that night are lying. The people who claim they wanted to help, but were ordered not to, are lying. And the families of the men who fell are lying. Hell, even the official e-mail record is lying. They’re all lying.

It’s an outrage that our brave men and women are being slandered by these soldiers and families.

Why are they lying? That doesn’t matter. It doesn’t even bear consideration. All that matters is that the people who were in charge that night, those who have every reason to lie and no incentive to tell the truth, are the ones we should trust. The alternative is too horrible to contemplate.

Just ask Andrea Mitchell.

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