Founding Member Of House Freedom Caucus: Rubio ‘Everything Wrong’ With GOP

Derek Hunter Contributor
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Michigan Rep. [crscore]Justin Amash[/crscore] tweeted Thursday that Florida Sen. [crscore]Marco Rubio[/crscore] “represents just about everything that is wrong with the Republican Party.”

The Republican congressman, who was one of the nine original founders of the conservative House Freedom Caucus, has a history of critical remarks about the presidential hopeful. During the Fox Business Channel debate, Amash once again let his thoughts about Rubio be known via Twitter.

When a reporter from Yahoo! News retweeted Amash’s comment, the Michigan congressman replied he was only speaking for himself, not the House Freedom Caucus.

Earlier in the day, Amash tweeted his support for Kentucky Sen. [crscore]Rand Paul[/crscore], who boycotted the debate rather than participate in the earlier session for candidates lower in the polls.

Amash then expressed seeming disgust for the “phony” politeness between candidates.