Hillary Declines To Say The World Is A Safer Place After Obama [AUDIO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton declined to say outright that the world is a safer place after her tenure as secretary of state and the presidency of Barack Obama.

In a radio interview on Concord News Radio’s Chris Ryan on Friday, Clinton said, “I think that we’re living in a complex world with new challenges that arise, you know, all the time.” (VIDEO: Clinton Can’t Name A Top Accomplishment While Secretary Of State) 

Host Chris Ryan asked Clinton, “Do you believe that the world today respects America more, because this is a big Republican thing — that America is not respected across the board, our allies don’t trust us — and do you believe that the world is a safer place as a result of the Obama presidency?”

“I think that we’re living in a complex world with new challenges that arise, you know, all the time. So we can’t just do what we used to do and expect it to work,” Clinton claimed. “And I think that what we’ve tried to do, and what President Obama has led us in doing, is building partnerships, alliances that can take on some of these issues.” (RELATED: Kerry Thanks Iran Following Humiliation Of US Sailors)

“You know, I had to put together the sanctions against Iran in order to get them to the negotiating table to try to figure out how to put a lid on their nuclear weapons program. You know, that’s painstaking, slow diplomacy. It took about 18 months. I had to get Russia and China on board. And we have to continue to assert our values and pursue our interests and advance our security, all at the same time, but we can’t just go ordering people around like some of the Republican candidates seem to suggest,” Clinton argued.

“So I think we are certainly at a point in history where American leadership is needed more than ever, where some of the problems that we’ve had in our own hemisphere, for example, are better in some ways, but new issues — like what’s happening in Central America, that sends poor, you know, terrified people north to our border — we have to take on all of this, but we need to do it from a position of strength and confidence.”


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