Bernie Sanders Dominates Facebook Reaction During Debate

Alex Pfeiffer White House Correspondent
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Sen. Bernie Sanders and his home state of Vermont were both the most discussed candidate and engaged state, respectively, on Facebook Sunday night during the Democratic debate.

Among the issues most discussed on Facebook were Wall Street and Medicare, which both feature prominently in Sanders’ platform.

Top issues discussed during the debate on Facebook: 

1. Wall Street

2. Medicare

3. Benghazi

4. Crime and criminal justice

5. Climate change

Top candidates discussed overall during the debate on Facebook:

1. Bernie Sanders

2. Hillary Clinton

3. Martin O’Malley

Most engaged states:

1. Vermont

2. New Hampshire

3. Oregon

4. Iowa

5. Maryland

The state of Oregon is an outlier here in the engaged states, with no important primary or candidate hailing from there (possibly Sanders supporters in Portland contributed to this).

Sanders also was the highest trending candidate for vast majority of the debate on Google.