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Law Abiding Citizen Uses Gun To End A Violent Crime


David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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A law abiding citizen in Anchorage, Alaska used a gun to end a violent robbery on Sunday.

Yan Bangout robbed a clothing store, and was confronted by mall security after leaving the store. However, Bangout didn’t quietly allow security to apprehend him, and instead pulled out a gun during a struggle with mall security.

Unfortunately for Bangout there was a law abiding citizen in the mall who also had a gun, and they pulled it out to stop Bangout from doing any more damage. (RELATED: Two Chicago Thugs Learned The Hard Way That Good Guys With Guns Will Shoot Back [VIDEO])

A police official explained the situation by saying, “However, a good Samaritan, also armed with a gun, stepped in and assisted security in taking [Bangout] into custody,” according to KTVA news(RELATED: Armed Citizen Shoots And Kills Waffle House Robber)

No shots were fired, and Bangout has been charged with robbery, assault and theft.

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