Rush: It’s A ‘Strategic Error’ For Trump To Criticize Cruz [VIDEO]

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Rush Limbaugh says it is a “strategic error” for Donald Trump to criticize Sen. [crscore]Ted Cruz[/crscore].

Monday on “The Rush Limbaugh Show,” Limbaugh said, “I will tell you, like I’ve said before, I think Trump is making a strategic error in the way he criticizes Cruz. But folks, it’s unrealistic to expect that they’re not going to go after each other. They’re number one and two. Iowa and New Hampshire are at stake.” (RELATED: Trump: ‘Everybody Hates Ted’ [VIDEO])

“This is politics,” Limbaugh argued. “There’s only one winner. The two of them can’t win this together in some sort of a bromance and come out as a united couple after either one of these primaries or after the whole process. It’s not how it works. They’re both going to try to take each other out and they’re both gonna have their own strategies for doing so.”

“Now Trump, I think is, you know, Trump knows his coalition. He knows who is base is. His base is made of many people, more than just conservatives. However, there are a boatload of conservatives in Trump’s — I’m going to say audience here but what I mean is his support base, the people who intend to vote him,” Limbaugh said. (RELATED: Rush Blasts Trump For ‘Establishment’ Attack On Cruz [VIDEO])

“There’s a lot of conservatives disaffected, angry with the Republican Party and there are a lot of conservatives that support Trump who don’t like Ted Cruz,” Limbaugh suggested. “I can’t explain it but I hear it all over the place. I hear all kinds of love, respect, admiration for Cruz and I hear people at the same time who don’t like him for whatever reason they conjure up.” (RELATED: Limbaugh Warns Of ‘Heart Attacks And Slit Wrists’ In GOP Establishment And Media If Cruz Wins Iowa [AUDIO])

Limbaugh later said, “I think Trump going after Cruz is is quite normal. It’s understandable but I think he’s making a tactical error in the way he’s doing it.” (RELATED: Limbaugh: Ted Cruz Is ‘Inarguably Thoroughbred Conservative’ [VIDEO])

“Whatever you want to Cruz is not a nasty guy. When you get into criticism it better be believable, but Trump is looking at and I’m sure is hearing about the negatives that Cruz has and I’m I’m not going to sit here and pretend to you that they don’t exist.” (RELATED:Trump: Ted Cruz Is ‘A Nasty Guy’ [VIDEO])

“Heck folk, even in my own circle of friends there are people that don’t like Cruz or Bush or Rubio. It runs the gamut and it all perplexes me,” Limbaugh claimed.

Later Limbaugh said, “I think Trump is free to criticize Cruz all he wants as far as I’m concerned. But going after him as a ‘nasty guy’ and this birther business, he’s got to worry that it’s going to create more negatives within his won support base rather than turn people off to Cruz. And he’s got to consider the opportunity of providing Cruz and responding. Now Cruz has now.” (RELATED: Trump: ‘I’d Do The Public A Big Favor’ By Suing Ted Cruz Over Eligibility To Be President [VIDEO])

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