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Sanders Vs. Clinton: The Tortoise And… The Other Tortoise

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Sure, he looks like Mr. Hooper and talks like Mr. Lenin. Sure, he’s managed the statistically unlikely feat of being even older than Hillary Clinton. Sure, he’s got this in his closet:

And yet all of a sudden, Team Hillary is really, really worried about Bernie Sanders.

Chuck Ross:

As the Hillary Clinton campaign desperately seeks a way to slow Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders’ political momentum, the head of a pro-Clinton super PAC is expected to begin airing attack ads calling for the 74-year-old Sanders to release his medical records.

According to Politico, David Brock, a former conservative journalist who is now one of Clinton’s most loyal surrogates, will air the ads this weekend through his pro-Clinton super PAC, Correct the Record. The ads will demand Sanders release a clean bill of health before the Iowa caucuses, which will be held next month.

Then John Podesta told him to “Chill out” — hey, Brock is an expert on snow — and Brock claimed he was never going to do it in the first place and you can’t prove otherwise, so there.

Then there was this odd little moment last week:

“And I guess at the end of the day, for me… You know, people talk about their extraordinary grandchildren, but I actually have one…”

Shane Ryan at Paste Magazine makes a good argument that Hillary was mocking Bernie for only having grandchildren via marriage and adoption. Not a “real” grandchild, like her own. That’s low, even for Hillary.

Eight years ago today, Hillary Clinton was the inevitable nominee for the Democratic Party. Then Obama ruined it for her. It turned out voters preferred the handsome, youthful black liar to the pasty, gross old liar.

Now, with the same robotic charmlessness as ever, and with nothing but failure to add to her resume since the last time she ran, she’s struggling against this guy. A guy who, every time he gets behind a podium, looks like he’s on his front porch in an undershirt and boxer shorts, bitterly waving a rolled-up newspaper at the neighborhood children.

Well, maybe last night’s debate will turn things around for her. That’s right, the Democrats held a debate last night. They didn’t have anything else to do, because Golden Corral was already closed.

P.S. This dude would be the worst president since Obama, but you can’t help but kinda like him…