Trump: ‘Women May Be In Certain Ways Much Better Than Men’ [VIDEO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump said Monday Iran hasn’t “figured out that women may be in certain ways much better than men.”

Speaking at Liberty University on Monday, Trump blasted Secretary of State John Kerry, saying, “we needed people that negotiate properly, not a guy like Kerry who doesn’t have a clue.” (VIDEO: John Kerry: ‘The World Is Safer Today’ Because Of The Iran Nuke Deal)

“We will have those people,” Trump said. “I know those people. We will have those people. But when you look at what went on, our people, all you had to do was go in and say to the Persians, very good negotiators, great negotiators, legendary negotiators. They’re known for it. They’re sitting across the table. Fellas — and in this case it is all fellas, I hate to tell this to the women. They’re behind the fact. They’re a little behind the fact. They haven’t figured out that women may be in certain ways much better than men, but I don’t want to say that because I’ll get myself in-trouble with men. But they haven’t figured this out yet.”

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