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Oregon Ranchers Block Golden Gate Bridge

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Just kidding. Those ranchers in Oregon haven’t done anything to inconvenience anybody, unless you count liberal reporters who are desperate for a “Gotcha” against the teabaggers, but who have so far been thwarted. And I don’t count them. (Oh, and it’s not the Golden Gate Bridge, because I’m dumb.)

No, the following was the handiwork of Black Lives Matter. Therefore, we’re all just supposed to put up with it or else we’re racists. That’s not really working, though, because now they’re even pissing people off in the second-most liberal city on the planet.

KPIX, San Francisco:

All lanes of the Bay Bridge reopened about an hour and a half after protesters shut down all westbound traffic just east of Treasure Island Monday afternoon, according to the California Highway Patrol…

Members of protest groups Black Seed and the Black Queer Liberation Collective took responsibility for the protest in a statement, citing recent police shootings.

“Black Seed,” huh? Sounds like something from Milo Yiannopoulos‘ video shelf, but that’s another story…

As for all the people stuck on the bridge? What did any of them have to do with any police shootings? Don’t ask. That doesn’t matter, because their lives don’t matter.

Speaking of matter, it’s only a matter of time before somebody dies as the result of one of these moronic traffic-blocking protests. It’ll cause an accident, or an ambulance with a critical patient won’t be able to get to the hospital, or something like that. What excuses will you make for these idiots then?

(Hat tip: Christian Datoc)