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Weiner: The Movie

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Have you missed Anthony Weiner? I’ve sure missed Anthony Weiner. He’s the best! I still think he’s going to make another comeback, and next time his flameout will make the first two look like firecrackers. The best is yet to, er… come.

I didn’t know there was a movie in the works about Weiner’s second (and arguably even better) sexting scandal. And I had no idea until this very moment how much I need such a movie in my life.

Amy Chozick and Brooks Barnes, NYT:

In May 2013, Huma Abedin and Anthony D. Weiner allowed filmmakers full access to his mayoral campaign with the hopes that the end result would document a spectacular political comeback, with Mr. Weiner being sworn in as mayor of New York having emerged from a scandal centered on explicit texting that forced him to resign from Congress.

Things did not go quite according to plan.

You can say that again! Talk about #NewYorkValues.


Instead, “Weiner,” a new documentary that The New York Times was allowed to view exclusively ahead of its premiere at the Sundance Film Festival on Sunday, provides an unfettered look at the implosion of Mr. Weiner’s mayoral campaign and a wrenching inside account of the couple’s interactions in the aftermath of his second explicit texting scandal.

You know how Star Wars nerds camp out in costume outside the theaters? I want to do that for this movie, but I’d get arrested for indecent exposure. Plus, I’d need to work on my abs. Say what you want about the guy, but he has some good abs for a man his age.

I can see why Weiner would think it was a good idea to have cameras tracking his every move during his hilarious mayoral bid. After all, he’s utterly delusional. But why did Huma consent to it? Did she really think he was incapable of humiliating her all over again?

Although it sounds like she soldiered through and ends up looking pretty good in the film:

Just after the news broke that Mr. Weiner had exchanged lewd messages with women online using the pseudonym Carlos Danger, Ms. Abedin maintained a steely calm.

When a young campaign staff member, on the verge of tears after the revelations and ensuing media harassment, prepared to leave the couple’s Park Avenue apartment, Ms. Abedin offered some advice. “Just a quick optics thing?” she said to the woman. “I assume those photographers are still outside. So, you will look happy?” The staff member agreed.

So the movie will show us the grit and resolve Huma has developed from putting up with Grandma for all these years.

I’m sure Hillary isn’t happy about reminding voters of yet another Clinton-involved sex scandal. I’m sure she isn’t happy about pretty much anything these days. And an unhappy Hillary is good for America.

Weiner isn’t popping up until May 20, which should be around the same time 13 Hours is released on home video. Two movies about how everything Hillary Clinton touches… Well, I’ll let Bill give you the ironic punchline.

Also, there was his adultery and alleged rape and whatnot, and her eager participation in the coverup attempts. But other than that, heartwarming stuff. Hillary 2016!