Glenn Beck Disappointed After Sarah Palin Endorses Trump

Alex Pappas Political Reporter
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Conservative television and radio host Glenn Beck is expressing disappointment in his old friend Sarah Palin for endorsing Donald Trump for president.

In a Facebook post, Beck referenced Trump’s past liberal views and wrote: “When Sarah and the tea party won a hard fought election and were under attack in 2010, [Trump] was giving money to Pelosi, Reid and Rahm.”

[dcquiz] “Big government, bailouts, executive orders, not just abortion but partial birth abortion, nationalizing of banks, stimulus, pathway to citizenship,” Beck wrote. “All of these views were held by Donald Trump during this administration. Pathway to citizenship in 2013. Some as recently as last year. What was the massive pivot point to make him change so fundamentally?”

Added Beck: “I couldn’t disagree with her more but she has played the game now for years. Perhaps she knows more than those of us still on the outside. Maybe the press was right about her but for all of the wrong reasons.

Beck and Palin go back as friends, appearing together in 2010 for a massive rally on the national mall. But eventually, the two grew apart, with reports of a falling-out after Beck read an email on the air in 2011 from Palin that she had intended to be private. (RELATED: In Front Of Historic Crowd On The Mall, Beck Makes Plea For Spiritual Renewal And Self-Government)

“Only one candidate’s record of success proves he is the master of the art of the deal,” she said, referencing the title of Trump’s book. “He is beholden to no one but we the people. How refreshing. He is perfectly positioned to let you make America great again.”

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