Krauthammer: Hillary’s Defense Of Top Secret Email Is Reminiscent Of The Lewinsky Scandal [VIDEO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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Charles Krauthammer says Hillary Clinton’s response to the inspector general investigation of her email which found classified information above top secret is “reminiscent of her reaction with the beginning of the Lewinsky scandal.” (RELATED: Report: Emails At The Highest Classification Levels Found On Hillary’s Private Server)

Appearing on Fox News’s “Special Report” with Brett Baier on Wednesday, Krauthammer insisted, “I’m just shocked by the brazenness of her denial.” (RELATED: Hillary’s Campaign Accuses Intel IG Of Coordinating With GOP On Damning Email Reports)

“For her to say today, ‘I never sent or received’ because, remember, earlier she said ‘I never sent,’ which allows you to do a Clintonian ‘what is, is’ and say well, ‘I wasn’t talking about receiving.’ She clearly, the I.G. had reported that this is several [emails], many of the absolutely highest top secret and it’s reminiscent of her reaction with the beginning of the Lewinsky scandal when they denied the truth and she said this is the vast right wing conspiracy,” Krauthammer argued. (RELATED: Senators Deny Clinton Spokesman’s Accusations Of Coordinating Leaks With Intel IG)

“The go-to, initial answer always is to brazenly say a lie, ‘There was no relationship.’ And then for her to come in and to say you this is just imagination or cunning on the other part, or that malevolent conspiracy, she does it again in the face of an I.G. who clearly is not an agent of the Republicans,” Krauthammer said. (RELATED: Judge Napolitano: ‘Hard To Believe That The FBI Will Not Recommend Indictment’ For Hillary [VIDEO])

“But I don’t think it hurts her among Democrats. I think it hurts her among the general population, the general election, and, again, I think it all depends on the head of the FBI. Either he does a referral or he doesn’t. (RELATED: State Department Releases Clinton IT Guru Emails)


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