Ron Paul: Trump’s Probably Going To Win The Nomination

Alex Pfeiffer White House Correspondent
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Sen. [crscore]Rand Paul[/crscore]’s father and former congressman Ron Paul said Wednesday on the Steve Malzberg Show that Trump will realistically be the nominee.

When asked “realistically is Trump going to be the nominee?” Paul said, “Well at this point, it’s certainly realistic.” Though the former congressman said if he had money he wouldn’t invest it on Trump, as he believes polling is “generally rigged.”


Paul also thinks due to Rand’s organization and ground game he “may well surprise everybody.”

UPDATE: Rand Paul’s campaign has released a statement regarding former Congressman Paul’s comments.

“As usual the media can’t get anything right. I responded to a poorly worded

question , agreeing that it was ‘realistic’ at this point that Trump could win,

not that he will win. In factI then proceeded to say not one vote has been

cast and this has all been trumped up by the media and rigged polls for

entertainment. Rand is going to surprise everybody because freedom is

popular and when it matters voters won’t cast their lot with an authoritarian

like Trump.” – Ron Paul

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