Spike Lee On The Oscars: ‘I Never Used The Word Boycott’

Kaitlan Collins White House Correspondent
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Spike Lee said he isn’t boycotting the Oscars; he just simply isn’t going.

After the director said he “couldn’t support” the awards show because all the actors nominated for an award were white, he went on “Good Morning America” Wednesday to clarify his comments.

“Here’s the thing, ” Lee said. “I have never used the word boycott. All I said was we’re not coming. It’s like, ‘Do you. We’re not coming.” (RELATED: Spike Lee: I’m Skipping The Oscars)

“I’m not going. My wife’s not going. Everybody else can do what they want to do.”

Several people have said Chris Rock should step down as the host of the show in order to make a statement, but Lee said he didn’t agree with that.

“Chris Rock is a grown ass man,” he added. “He can do what he wants to do and I’ll support him either way.”

Lee implied that awards don’t matter because while “Driving Miss Daisy” won best picture in 1989, his film “Do the Right Thing” is the one that’s still taught in schools today. (RELATED: Jada Pinkett-Smith Is Boycotting The Oscars Because They’re Too White)

“It shows you that the work is what’s important because that’s what’s going to stand for years. Not an award.”