Watch Jeb Bush Squirm Through Almost A Minute Of Donald Trump’s Insults [VIDEO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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CNN’s Wolf Blitzer had Jeb Bush on as a guest Wednesday in “The Situation Room” and made Bush sit through almost a minute of Donald Trump’s latest insults.

The insults were from Trump’s rally Wednesday in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where he and Sarah Palin rallied a crowd of thousands.

The clips shown include Trump saying, “How about Bush? Look, the guy spends, now he’s up to $79 million. Now, okay I wouldn’t even mention this but a lot of it’s ads against me. He does these negative ads against me, otherwise I wouldn’t mention it. Maybe I would. $79 million and he’s bing, down in the basement, right?”

“The first thing he should do is get rid of the Jeb stuff, get rid of all of the nonsense that he’s going through with, ‘I can fix it.’ You know, his new slogan, ‘I can fix it.’ he can’t fix anything,” Trump insisted.

“He’s a low energy person. Low energy people don’t get things fixed. But if he were a real politician, he’d be careful when he says, ‘I can fix it.’ Because where I come from that’s dishonest. When you [can’t] fix it, you’re dishonest. He shouldn’t say, ‘I can fix it.’ now, I think he’s probably an honest guy, but a stiff there’s no question about it.”

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