CNN’s Tapper Calls Out Clinton Spokesman For Using ‘Facts Not In Evidence’ [VIDEO]

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CNN’s host of “The Lead,” Jake Tapper called out Hillary Clinton’s spokesman Brian Fallon for using “facts not in evidence” in an attempt to defend Clinton’s mishandling of classified information above top secret.

Thursday, on “The Lead,” Tapper spent the last part of his interview correcting much of what Fallon said. (RELATED: Report: Emails At The Highest Classification Levels Found On Hillary’s Private Server)

Tapper said to Fallon about Clinton’s claim that “she’s never sent or received anything marked classified. The candidate’s entire defense seems to be pinned on that one word ‘marked’ classified. It seems very clear from the intelligence community that some of the material was classified, whether it was marked that way or not.” (RELATED: State Department Undermines Hillary’s Claim That It’s OK To Forward News Article Containing Classified Info)

“No, that’s actually not the case, Jake,” Fallon claimed. “Because we know that last August when this inspector general who leaked this letter or who–” (RELATED: Krauthammer: Hillary’s Defense Of Top Secret Email Is Reminiscent Of The Lewinsky Scandal [VIDEO])

Tapper interjected, “Well, we don’t know that he leaked it.”

Realizing his misspeak, Fallon said, “Sent a letter, correct. I should say that he–” (RELATED: Senate Majority Whip: Hillary Should Be Indicted [VIDEO])

Tapper added, “He sent a letter to the Senate Intelligence Committee.”

“Yes. And it’s quite inappropriate that even sent that letter to Congress while this Justice Department review is going on,” Fallon argued. “So did he leak the letter directly? Probably not. Did he have every expectation probably that was going to be leaked by the members of congress to whom he sent it? Probably.” (RELATED: Hillary’s Campaign Accuses Intel IG Of Coordinating With GOP On Damning Email Reports)

“In any case, he [the IG] made this allegation back in August calling two of those e-mails top secret. That finding has been challenged by the State Department from the very beginning. And in fact, there was a Politico report two months ago that suggested that the rest of the intelligence community was inclined to decide against this Inspector General. I think that disagreement is the exact reason why this Inspector General inappropriately decided to send this letter to Capitol Hill. Probably with the hope if not the outright attempt to have it be leaked.” (RELATED: Judge Napolitano: ‘Hard To Believe That The FBI Will Not Recommend Indictment’ For Hillary [VIDEO])

After Fallon finished spinning on behalf of Clinton, Tapper replied, “Well, you are stating a lot there that are facts not in evidence if we were in a court of law. But I appreciate you advocating for your boss.”

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