Obituary Request: ‘In Lieu Of Flowers, Please Do Not Vote For Donald Trump’

Alexa Santry Contributor
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Jeffrey H. Cohen, who passed away Sunday in his Pittsburgh home, asked in his obituary, “in lieu of flowers, please do not vote for Donald Trump.”

Cohen also wrote that donations to the Nimmo Educational Foundation, a charity he founded, were also acceptable instead of flowers or abstaining from supporting Trump.

Labeled a “renowned chiropractor” in his obituary, Cohen is said to have helped thousands of people throughout Pittsburgh and the world.

His obituary also describes him as a “voracious teller of jokes of all kinds, especially dirty and groan-inducing ones.” His family noted he often advised people, “The meaning of life is ‘OOPS!’”

While Cohen’s deathbed request for his funeral attendees seems rare, he is not the only one who has tried to politically influence mourners in his obituary.

Ernest Maynard Overbey Jr. who died January 5th concluded his obituary with details of a brain tumor center he hoped his funeral-goers would donate to. Tagged on to these details was written, “and please vote for Donald Trump.”

Trump tweeted a link to Earnest Overbey’s obituary and wrote, “Thank you so much. Earnest must have been a great person.”