Carson Adviser Accuses Former Staffers Of Trying To ‘Curry Favor With The Trump Campaign’

Alex Pappas Political Reporter
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The drama among those who have worked on Ben Carson’s presidential campaign continues.

One of Carson’s candidate’s closest advisers is now accusing a pair of former staffers of working to “curry favor with the Trump campaign by delivering Dr. Carson’s campaign infrastructure on a platter.”

Carson’s longtime business manager, Armstrong Williams, sharply criticized former campaign manager Barry Bennett and former communications director Doug Watts in a Friday post on Facebook.

Bennett and Watts resigned from Carson’s campaign shortly before Christmas. Both have vented their frustration with Williams, including in a recent Politico story, accusing him of missteps that have hurt the campaign.

Williams wrote on Friday: “The unmitigated gall of Barry Bennett and Doug Watts: To attempt to curry favor with the Trump campaign by delivering Dr. Carson’s campaign infrastructure on a platter is nothing short of amazing. Dr. Carson has built the most substantial, comprehensive, and valuable grass roots communications infrastructure of any of the current Republican candidates. Despite fluctuations in the polls, Carson remains a beloved figure who draws adulation from throngs of people wherever he goes.”

Added Williams: “Watts and Bennett did a great service is helping to guide his campaign – a service for which they were amply compensated. But they do an equally great disservice by holding lectures, going in front of the media and betraying Carson in an attempt to curry favor with Trump.”

“It is not surprising that these former staffers seem to be auditioning for new jobs with the Trump campaign,” he said. “After all, they are professional politicians who need to make a living; and there is no chance in hell they intend sit out the rest of this campaign season.”

Criticizing the duo, Williams suggested that the campaign is already thinking about who Carson would endorse if he drops out of the campaign. How Trump Has Voted In The Past

“But just to make it extra clear: neither Bennett nor Watts has any influence whatsoever over who Dr. Carson may ultimately endorse in the primary should the occasion arise,” Williams wrote.

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