Feminist Writer Says Hillary’s Brand Of Feminism Caters To ‘Well-Off White Women’ [VIDEO]

Chuck Ross Investigative Reporter
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Hillary Clinton is struggling to appeal to younger voters — and young feminists — because her brand of feminism caters to “well-off white women,” a feminist writer asserted on CNN Friday.

“Hillary Clinton is a woman of second-wave feminism. She’s largely an advocate for well-off white women,” said Joanna Rothkopf, who writes at Jezebel.

“I think that the generation of young feminists who are voting now want to see someone who is more of an advocate for intersectional feminism,” said Rothkopf. “That doesn’t just mean feminism for wealthy, successful celebrities.”

“That’s harsh!” exclaimed CNN’s Carol Costello, laughing.

Rothkopf’s critique came after she was asked what she thinks of young female celebrities — like singers Demi Lovato and Katy Perry — who have started campaigning for Clinton. The former secretary of state has also praised celebrities like actress Jennifer Lawrence for drawing attention to the pay gap between male and female actors. Clinton has said shrinking the so-called gender wage gap will be a priority in her administration.

“That kind of celebrity stumping for me is reading a little bit false,” Rothkopf said, while acknowledging that Clinton has advocated on other issues supported by feminists, such as abortion.

Clinton’s flagging support among young voters and young women has been the source of much angst for the Clinton campaign and from its close allies, like Democratic National Committee chairwoman [crscore]Debbie Wasserman Schultz[/crscore].

According to a USA Today poll released last week, Clinton’s top competitor, Vermont Sen. [crscore]Bernie Sanders[/crscore], leads Clinton 50 percent to 31 percent among Democratic and independent women ages 18 to 34.

Asked earlier this month about the flagging support for Clinton among young women voters, Wasserman Schultz said that she sees a “complacency” from a generation that has grown up after the contentious battles over Roe v. Wade, which legalized abortion. (RELATED: Top Democrat: Women Would Support Hillary More If They Loved Abortion)

Many feminists criticized Wasserman Schultz for the comment.

Rothkopf went on to argue that young voters prefer the 74-year-old Sanders to Clinton because “Hillary Clinton is of a political dynasty in a way that Bernie Sanders isn’t.”

“Bernie Sanders is much better on income inequality and wage inequality. He’s speaking on racial issues in a much, I think, eloquent way, and believable way,” she added.


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