Trump, Clinton Stump In Vegas At Dueling Events

Kerry Picket Political Reporter
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LAS VEGAS — Two presidential campaigns rallied in Sin City on Thursday. Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump held a campaign rally South Point Resort, while former President Bill Clinton campaigned for his wife former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton at Advanced Technologies Academy just a few hours later.

Trump took swipes at Texas Sen. [crscore]Ted Cruz[/crscore], his closest competitor in the GOP presidential primary.

“Ted is starting to go down. Ted is getting nervous … but Ted is getting very, very nervous and he should get nervous. His polls are down. They’re not looking good for Ted. You know his new line of attack? It’s that I’ve become establishment,” Trump said.

Although former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush does not appear to be a threat to Trump in the polls, Trump ragged on him for the amount of money Bush has already spent on the campaign.

“Poor Jeb … poor guy. I feel sorry for ya’. He’s like a lost soul. Jeb Bush … I’ll leave ya’ alone if you’re done. … Waddaya’ do? Waddaya’ do? The guy’s got — he’s got family backing, so he’s got a lot of money. Although he’s rapidly spending it and he’s not gonna have a lot of money left.”

Trump later went on about immigration asking attendees, “Whose going to pay for the wall?”

“Mexico!” yelled the crowd.

“Nabisco is moving into Mexico with their new plant. Which means what?” Trump asked.

“No more Oreos!” he exclaimed and began chanting with the crowd that later erupted with laughter.

“I don’t want Oreos made in Mexico,” said the New York billionaire.

Bill Clinton went after Trump for his immigration stance.

“They’re telling people, ‘Oh, they’re stealing jobs. We’re gonna build a wall up here,'” Clinton said in a mocking tone.

“The Republicans realize that if they can’t do anything for these people—they know their mad—are scared or at least full of anxiety so they give somebody to blame…It’s kind of like eating a good donut,” he said.

“It helps you for 30 minutes. Depending on the candidate and the day and the issue, they blame Mexicans? Do you know how many Mexican immigrants have been to America in the last five years net? Zero. ‘Cause, a few years ago, we built 140 universities and they welcomed their kids to them and last year they graduated 100,000 engineers. We graduated 120,000.”

“It’s amazing what they put her through,” said Clinton describing to the cheering crowd the Benghazi Committee hearings his wife testified at last year.

The former president took a shot at Sen. Bernie Sanders saying, “In the Democratic primary, we’ve got a different challenge. Everybody’s angry. They’re talking this, ‘You go home. The system is rigged against you.'”

Trump later appeared at the Venetian Hotel and delivered remarks at an event sponsored by the Outdoor Channel. Clinton is expected to stump for his wife in Reno on Friday.

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