Hillary Defiant About Emails: ‘Nothing That I Did Was Wrong’ [VIDEO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter

Hillary Clinton insists “I’m not saying it was an error in judgment because nothing that I did was wrong” regarding her use of a private email server while Secretary of State.

Monday during the Democratic Town Hall on CNN moderated by Chris Cuomo, Clinton claimed, “I’m happy people are looking at the emails. Some of them are you know, frankly a little embarrassing.”  (RELATED: Former House Majority Leader: FBI ‘Ready To Indict’ Hillary Clinton [VIDEO])

Responding to the Des Moines Register’s criticism of Clinton’s handling of her private email server, Clinton said, “Look, I was delighted to get the Register’s endorsement. And it was a very generous one. And yes, I think that’s a fair criticism. You know, I, I had, I had no intention of doing anything other than having a convenient way of communicating and it turned out not to be so convenient.” (RELATED: Former Sec Def Robert Gates: ‘Odds Are Pretty High’ Russia, China, And Iran Accessed Hillary’s Server [VIDEO])

“[W]e’ve answered every question and we will continue to do so. But you know, maybe being faster, trying to scramble around to find out what all of this means, I probably should have done that quicker,” Clinton acknowledged. (RELATED: State Department Asks For More Time To Release Last Batch Of Hillary Emails)

Cuomo asked Clinton if she was “willing to say it was an error in judgment [to use a private email server]” and wondered if Clinton should have apologized sooner. (RELATED:Video Indicates Hillary Used Her Blackberry To Send Emails That ‘Would Never Be On An Unclassified System’ [VIDEO])

Clinton replied, “No, I’m not saying it was an error in judgment because nothing that I did was wrong… It was not in any way prohibited.” (RELATED: Report: Emails At The Highest Classification Levels Found On Hillary’s Private Server)

Regarding concerns about the timing of an apology, Clinton said, “As soon as you can, but part of the problem, and I would just say this as not an excuse, but just as an explanation, when you’re facing something like that, you’ve got to get the facts. And it takes time to get the facts.” (RELATED: Report: At Least One Hillary Email Contained Info From Clandestine Operations [VIDEO])

“And so when I said, ‘Hey, take all my e-mails, make them public,’ that had never been done before, ever, by anybody,” Clinton claimed. “And so we’ve been sorting our way through this because it is kind of a unique situation, I’m happy people are looking at the e-mails. Some of them are you know, frankly a little little embarrassing. You know, you find out that sometimes I’m not the best on technology and things like that, but look, I think it’s great. Let people sort them through and as we have seen, there is a lot of, you know, a lot of interest, but it’s something that took time to get done. (RELATED: Hillary Clinton: ‘I’m Not Concerned’ About FBI Investigating My Private Server [VIDEO])

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