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Now You Can Fill Your Mouth With Bernie’s Yearning

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Ben Cohen, a Vermont hippie who started a little ice-cream business with his friend Jerry, now has a new venture.

Ladies and gentlemen: Bernie’s Yearning.

Nothing is so unstoppable as a flavor whose time has finally come #FeelTheBern #BerniesYearning: http://ow.ly/Xv3o1

Posted by Yo Ben Cohen on Monday, January 25, 2016


It’s not an official Ben & Jerry’s flavor, because those two sold out to The Man Unilever years ago. But Cohen says he’s made 40 pints of it in his own kitchen. He gave 25 of them to the Sanders campaign, and he’s giving away 25 more to some lucky communists contest winners. If that adds up to more than 40 to you, welcome to the Wonderful World of Bernie. Any math problem can just be wished away. Feelings, not facts!

This is yet more bad news for Hillary Clinton. But at least Bill got his own flavor!



P.P.S. I understand why the 99% is represented by mint ice cream, because as has been pointed out, green is the color of envy. But shouldn’t the 1% be composed of white chocolate?