Obama: ‘I Don’t Think Dems Are Going To Vote For Hillary Just Because She’s A Woman’ [AUDIO]

Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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During a podcast interview with Politico released Monday, President Barack Obama told Glenn Thrush that he doesn’t think Hillary Clinton will win the Democratic primary “just because she’s a woman.”

“I want more women in politics generally,” the president noted, but “I don’t think that Democrats are going to vote for Hillary just because she’s a woman any more than they’re going to vote for Bernie just because they agree with him on one particular issue.”

“I think, you know, voters are pretty sophisticated. They’re going to take all these things into account,” Obama continued. “I am proud of the fact that the Democratic Party represents today the breaking down of all sorts of barriers and a belief that you judge people on what they bring to the table and not what they look like or who they love or their last name.”

Obama’s comments on Hillary Clinton begin at the 36-minute mark.


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