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Read Bernie’s Lips: Mo’ New Taxes

I was so enraptured by Hillary Clinton’s performance in last night’s completely spontaneous townhall meeting, I forgot to give props to the other superannuated Caucasian who’s being forced on Democrat voters.

Will Bernie Sanders raise taxes? Does a медведь take a dump in the лес? Steve Guest:

Sen. Bernie Sanders admits that his spending plans for America will necessitate big tax raises.

Monday during the Democratic Forum hosted by CNN and moderated by Chris Cuomo, Sanders said, “Yes, we will raise, we will raise the, we will raise taxes, yes we will.”

Well, Bernie didn’t really admit it so much as brag about it. He’s a straight-up communist. Soaking the rich is his whole deal. At least he’s honest about his terrible, terrible ideas. Give the old guy a break, Rob Lowe!

Say what you want about the crazy old coot, but you’ll never hear President Bernie trying to explain away a cynical promise like this one:

Some say that Bush 41 lost a second term by breaking that promise. No such problem for Bernie!

Also, Martin O’Malley said — he actually said this out loud, in front of cameras and microphones and everything — O’Malley said that humans are “the only species on the planet without full employment.” I think we’ll all remember that as the moment when the O’Malley train finally started a-rollin’.

So here’s my scorecard for that wonderful townhall meeting: