MSNBC’s Chris Matthews Hails The Real Liberals Who ‘Cry Sometimes’ [VIDEO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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MSNBC’s Chris Matthews says the  difference between people who pretend to be liberal and “real liberals” is that “true liberals” cry sometimes.

As Newsbusters points out, during Tuesday’s “MSNBC Live” with guest host Frances Rivera, Matthews said, “Well, you know, I spent a lot of time with politicians, including liberals. There are real liberals and there are people who look and talk like liberals. Liberals to me, the good ones, are people who really do care about individual people.” (VIDEO: MSNBC’s Matthews: There’s A ‘Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy’ Against Hillary Clinton)

Matthews continued, “And when they say they want to help people who are poor, they care about people who are poor. Not the idea of helping them, but the people of need, where the people need a decent education or a woman wants to go work and provide for her family, she needs child care. It means something to a true liberal.”

“I worked for one of those guys, Tip O’Neill,” Matthews claimed. “They actually do care about people. And they cry sometimes, and they’re my favorite kind of liberal.”

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