This Livestream Of The Oregon Militia Gearing Up For A Fight Is INSANE

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Rachel Stoltzfoos Staff Reporter
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The Oregon militiamen occupying a federal wildlife reserve livestreamed themselves gearing up for a fight after authorities arrested their leader and shot dead their spokesman Tuesday night.

“You want some militiamen?” one of the armed men in camouflage said into the camera Wednesday, apparently addressing the authorities setting up a perimeter around their camp. “Come get some. It’s what you been training for, preparing for.”

The initial livestream was cut off or disconnected after noon EST Wednesday, but resumed filming here. Authorities are completely sealing off the camp, reported The Washington Post.

“They shot an innocent man,” one man says off-camera. “They killed him.”

Authorities arrested a total of eight members of the militia Tuesday night, on a federal felony charge of conspiracy to impede officers from discharging their official duties through the use of force, intimidation or threats. In the course of a traffic stop, officers arrested the leader Ammon Bundy and shot dead their spokesman, LaVoy Finicum.

[dcquiz] Officials began setting up a perimeter around the group’s camp at the refuge Tuesday night, apparently preparing to move in on the group Wednesday.

“I’ll try to call you again,” another man said on the livestream, apparently talking to his wife or to a loved one. “I love you gotta go. Pray to God.”

“Well that is gonna happen,” he continued. “That is gonna happen. I guarantee you that that is gonna happen. That’s my duty as a free American. No he wants you to be proud of your son. The world’s changin, so say a prayer for us. Gotta go.”

The militia is apparently enraged following the death of Finicum, and has reportedly refused to take phone calls from a supporter of the group, Melvin Lee, who was on the scene of the arrests. “They have until four o clock their time to leave that refuge, go northbound and leave that main entrance going into that refuge, alright,” Lee said in a video posted to his Facebook page. “Plain and simple.”

Members of the militia were seen gearing up for the impending standoff, discussing strategy and issuing threats to any authorities who tried to use force on them, saying authorities are “dishonorable.”

“There’s convoys coming from all directions, for us,” a woman is heard saying in the background.

A portion of the livestream was recorded here.

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