Trump Dodges Questions On Abortion

Kerry Picket Political Reporter
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Donald Trump does not want to talk about his views on abortion. Trump’s specific views on abortion ranging from what kind of Supreme Court judge he would appoint to the high court to assisted suicide are unknown, as the New York billionaire only says he is pro-life.

“All I can tell you is this I’m pro-life and I’ve been pro-life a long time,” he reiterated at a press conference in New Hampshire Tuesday.

When pressed further about the penalties he would impose upon women got abortions or doctors who performed the procedure, he stated “I just don’t want to talk about that right now. Everybody knows my views and I think my views are very plain.”

Trump’s position on abortion was vastly different in 1999. He told NBC’s Tim Russert at the time he was “very pro-choice.”

After the press conference, he admitted to his supporters, “When it comes to pro-life I’ve evolved.” When asked if he thought the Plan B morning after pill to be equal to an abortion, Trump evaded the question and instead talked about his endorsement from Liberty University president Jerry Fallwell, Jr., son of the evangelical school’s late founder Rev. Jerry Falwell.

However, the New York Republican’s candidacy was rejected by pro-life leaders Tuesday.

A letter which included signatures from Susan B. Anthony List president Marjorie Dannenfelser, Iowa Right to Life head Jenifer Bowen and Beverly LaHaye of Concerned Women for America, stated: “As pro-life women leaders from Iowa and across the nation, we urge Republican caucus-goers and voters to support anyone but Donald Trump,” they write in the letter released Tuesday. “On the issue of defending unborn children and protecting women from the violence of abortion, Mr. Trump cannot be trusted and there is, thankfully, an abundance of alternative candidates with proven records of pro-life leadership whom pro-life voters can support.”

The statement also cites Trump’s behavior toward Megyn Kelly and Carly Fiorina, saying that he “impugned the dignity of women.”

“[A]s women, we are disgusted by Mr. Trump’s treatment of individuals, women, in particular. He has impugned the dignity of women, most notably Megyn Kelly, he mocked and bullied Carly Fiorina, and has through the years made disparaging public comments to and about many women,” they write.

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