Planned Parenthood Backers: Indict Carly Fiorina

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Apparently unsatisfied with the indictments of Center for Medical Progress investigators David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt, some Planned Parenthood supporters are now calling for authorities to indict Carly Fiorina for her steadfast criticisms of the abortion giant.

Marcy Stech, the communications director for Emily’s List — a political action committee devoted entirely to getting female pro-choice Democrats elected — tweeted out: “Punishment for manipulating info about Planned Parenthood is indictment. What about for the GOP candidates continuing this false narrative?”

According to the Center for Responsive Politics, Emily’s List was the top bundler for Hillary Clinton during her 2008 presidential campaign.

Bob Krause, the Democratic Senate candidate in Iowa, tweeted: “Wonder if it’s possible to indict #CarlyFiorina for fraudulating a fraudulated video that used fraudulent govt documents?”

Krause’s Twitter handle doesn’t yet have a verification badge but is linked to by his campaign website. Krause, who also called the news of Daleiden’s indictment “pretty incredible,” is facing off against Republican Sen. [crscore]Chuck Grassley[/crscore] this November.

Huffington Post writer Warren Holstein took things one step further and suggested Fiorina should be killed, writing on Twitter: “Activists who shot Planned Parenthood videos indicted for tampering with records and buying organs. Can we burn Carly Fiorina at the stake?”

Holstein, who routinely tweets inflammatory statements, has also said that he would “vote for Hillary if she uses a jagged piece of the glass ceiling she breaks to stab Donald Trump in the throat till he pure bleeds out.” He has written for HuffPost since 2011.

Jim Wright, publisher of the liberal blog Stonekettle Station, also called for Fiorina’s indictment: “So, when do we indict Carly Fiorina?”

David Comfort, who claims to be a best-selling author on both his Twitter and LinkedIn pages, actually called for Fiorina to be charged with aiding and abetting murder, tweeting: “Prosecute BabyParts horror queen #Fiorina as Aider & Abettor of Colo. #PlannedParenthood murders!”

It’s unclear how exactly those calling for Fiorina’s indictment think she has broken the law, but that hasn’t stopped them from demanding her indictment enthusiastically.

Meanwhile, Steve Reidell of production duo Hood Internet tweeted “fuck you” to several people, including Fiorina, apparently out of loyalty to Planned Parenthood.

Fiorina, for her part, has said that the indictments of Daleiden and Merritt “doesn’t change the facts. … Hillary Clinton hasn’t been indicted either so what does that say about our justice system?”

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