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Planned Parenthood Hails Airline for Apparent Censorship Of Pro-Life Website

REUTERS/Andrew Kelly

Evan Gahr Investigative Journalist
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The “pro-choice” Planned Parenthood proved itself pro-censorship Wednesday.

With jubilation unmatched since undercover operatives offered to pay top dollars for fetal body parts, the abortion provider hailed United Airlines for blocking passenger Wi-Fi access to anti-abortion group Live Action’s news website.

The Planned Parenthood Action Fund tweeted early this afternoon that they agreed with what at the time looked like a deliberate decision to censor Live Action but allow access to their website and NARAL’s. “Live Action News — a disingenuous site that peddles lies about abortion & shames women — is inappropriate for in-flight viewing,” read the tweet.

The Planned Parenthood reaction is not surprising since the abortion on demand crowd is big on censorship. They have supported states that refuse to issue license plates with the insignia “Choose Life.”

Plus, long before the fetal body part scandal Live Action used undercover videos to bust Planned Parenthood for all kinds of shenanigans, including failing to report sex abuse of women who sought abortions.

But about two hours after their celebratory tweet Planned Parenthood got the biggest unpleasant surprise since they discovered they were caught on tape talking about fetal body parts the way butchers do cuts of meat.

In response to an inquiry from Live Action founder Lila Rose, United Airlines said that the block on her website was erroneously placed by a “third party service” and would be removed.

As of Wednesday evening, it could not be determined if service was actually restored because Rose and the UA press office did not reply to inquiries.