Scarborough Mocks Hillary For Soliciting Big Money Days Before Iowa [VIDEO]

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Joe Scarborough mercilessly mocked Hillary Clinton for leaving Iowa on Wednesday to head to a fundraiser at an investment bank, all while claiming to be tough on Wall Street.

Thursday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” Scarborough said that Clinton “must be very confident that the people of Iowa don’t care whether she’s there or with bankers raising money on the East Coast.” (VIDEO: Hillary Says She Has No Regrets About Taking Millions In Wall Street Speaking Fees)

Scarborough asked MSNBC reporter Kasie Hunt, “So really quickly, Kasie. So let me get this straight, Hillary Clinton had a fundraiser at a bank in Philadelphia yesterday?” (VIDEO: Hillary Laughs Off Releasing Speeches Delivered To Goldman Sachs)

“You heard the man,” Hunt replied.

“Wow. That’s interesting timing,” Scarborough said. “Did she give a speech? I’m just curious. Because, I mean, if you can pick up a quarter million dollars in an afternoon, that must be nice.” (VIDEO: Bernie Sanders Hits Hillary On Goldman Sachs Speaking Fees)

Hunt replied, “It tells you what she’s expecting going forward, right? To actually take the risk of ending up with a headline like this a few days out from Iowa. They are suddenly preparing for a really long slog financially speaking. Bernie Sanders is right behind her, and he can go back to these small donors that he has over and over and over again, and so it really does underscore this narrative. I think you see it in the debate strategy too. Why does Bernie Sanders want her to commit to having three debates in March and April pretty far off and doesn’t want to do one next week, necessarily. I think this helps explain that.” (RELATED: No Reporters Allowed At Hillary’s Wall Street Speeches)

Scarborough then asked panelist Willie Geist, “Willie, four days before Iowa, where one of the top issues has to do with income disparity and banks, and Hillary says, ‘I’ve been fighting them my whole life. I’ve been fighting them for 30 years. They maybe they give me a quarter million dollars for speaking for 15 minutes, but I’ve been fighting them my whole life.’ Four days before the Iowa caucus she goes and raises money at an investment bank.”

“She certainly handed Bernie that line on a silver platter. The group was called Franklin Square Capital. It’s in Philadelphia,” Geist said.

Scarborough interjected, “You can’t make this up.”

Jokingly, Geist replied, “Here’s the mitigating factor. It featured a concert by Bon Jovi. So maybe she’s going to see Bon Jovi. And by the way, it’s telling, she canceled two fundraisers tonight in New York City. Maybe she got the message, heading back to Iowa.”

Bewildered, co-host Mika Brzezinski said, “She was going to be in New York tonight raising money three days before Iowa?” (VIDEO: Mika Brzezinski Criticizes Hillary For Talking Out Of Both Sides Of Her Mouth About Wall Street)

“Wow,” Scarborough replied. “She must be very confident that the people of Iowa don’t care whether she’s there or with bankers raising money on the East Coast.” (VIDEO: Clinton Surrogate Sen. Shaheen Fails To Explain Clinton’s Lavish Speaking Fees)

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