Washington Post Editorial Blasts Sanders’ ‘Fiction-Filled Campaign’

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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The Washington Post editorial board has slammed Sen. Bernie Sanders, arguing that the socialist presidential candidate is “a politician selling his own brand of fiction to a slice of the country that eagerly wants to buy it.”

The Post insisted that the Vermont senator “is not a brave truth-teller.” (RELATED: Bernie Sanders: ‘I Fully Admit To Having A Big Ego’ [VIDEO])

The Post’s editors wrote: “The existence of large banks and lax campaign finance laws explains why working Americans are not thriving, he says, and why the progressive agenda has not advanced. Here is a reality check: Wall Street has already undergone a round of reform, significantly reducing the risks big banks pose to the financial system.” (RELATED: Sanders: ‘No’ I’m Not A Capitalist, ‘I’m a Democratic Socialist’ [VIDEO])

The Post also disagrees with Sanders’ claim that “corporate deck-stacking” is hurting the economy, instead attributing that phenomenon to the “structure of the world economy.”

Sanders also took heat from The Post for his plan to implement a European-style health-care system in the United States.  If Sanders was, in fact, a “braver truth-teller,” The Post writes, Sanders would acknowledge the rationing of health care in Europe. (RELATED: Sanders Can’t Bring Himself To Say He Hates Obamacare: ‘I Want To Move From’ It)

The Post ends their scathing review of Sanders’ campaign platform by arguing that when “reality is ideologically or politically inconvenient” to his plans, Sanders talks “around it.”

“Sanders’s success so far does not show that the country is ready for a political revolution,” the Post claimed. “It merely proves that many progressives like being told everything they want to hear.”

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