Devastating New Ad Highlights Hillary’s Email Scandal Denial [VIDEO]

Derek Hunter Contributor
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America Rising, a Republican political action committee founded by Matt Rhoades, Mitt Romney’s 2012 presidential campaign manager, has released a new ad on the eve of the Iowa caucuses highlighting Hillary Clinton’s claims that she “never sent nor received” any information marked classified on her private email server.

The one minute ad strings together Clinton’s public denials coupled with the recent revelation that 22 emails were deemed so sensitive, containing information “too damaging” to national security to ever be released. (RELATED: State Dept. Withholding 18 Emails Between Hillary, Obama [VIDEO])

Rhodes released a statement saying, “John Kerry and the State Department are now confirming what we always knew – Secretary Clinton recklessly transmitted classified material on her private email server. For months Secretary Clinton and her allies have sought to distract and deceive on this important issue. Secretary Clinton is a failed leader who simply cannot be trusted.” (RELATED: State Dept. Records Show John Kerry Sent Hillary A ‘SECRET’ Email From His iPad)