Trump Attendees Speak Out On Day Before Caucuses

Kerry Picket Political Reporter
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COUNCIL BLUFFS, Iowa — Iowa Republican voters gathered at a local middle school gymnasium to hear New York businessman Donald Trump before the caucuses Monday. Some voters are committed Trump supporters while others are still deciding.

Jim Yates, a Council Bluffs resident told The Daily Caller that Trump will get his vote Monday night.

“The fact that he’s self-funded is a lot of it. He’s proven he can’t be bought. He’s proven he will stand up for himself. I believe he’ll stand up for America,” Yates said.

“I’m between Trump and Cruz. That’s what I’m going for—either one of those two. I like Cruz’s views but I like Trump’s too. One thing I wish is that maybe Trump would layoff Cruz on the personal attacks. Go for the substance not the personal attacks. I think that hurts Trump,” Council Bluffs voter Mike Bell told TheDC.

“I would say this [Trump speech] would influence and probably what he has to say tomorrow night would probably influence [my vote] as well,”18-year-old Council Bluffs resident Keyan McCalbrey said, adding that Cruz was in his top three but changed his mind and narrowed it down to Trump, Rubio, and Paul.

“I used to like Ted Cruz a lot, but things came out with him changing his views a lot when he was in Congress. It turned me from him a little bit,” McCalbrey said.

Royal Silver, another 18-year-old from Council Bluffs, is deciding between Cruz, Rubio, Paul, and Trump. Silver said the pro-life issues and foreign policy are important to him.

“I want to hear what Trump has to say today and I also want to hear more from the caucuses and hear what the people have to say,” Silver said.

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