Clinton’s Senior Advisor Says Campaign Motto Is ‘Make A Difference In People’s Lives’ [VIDEO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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MSNBC’s Chris Matthews hammered Clinton’s senior campaign advisor Joel Benenson until he provided the motto for Hillary’s Campaign, revealing it to be, “Make a difference in people’s lives.”

Monday, during the 2:00 pm EST hour of “The Place for Politics 2016,” Matthews told Benenson that Donald Trump “has a very compelling motto” and wondered what Clinton’s was, because after all, the Iowa Caucus is tonight.

Chris Matthews: “Okay, Donald Trump, I think, has a very compelling motto, “Make America great again.” What’s Hillary’s?

Joel Benenson: Well…

Matthews: No, give me the motto.

Benenson: Hillary’s been saying–

Matthews: What’s the motto?

Benenson:”Make a difference in people’s lives.”

Matthews: Make a difference in people’s lives? No, is that it? “Make a difference in people’s lives”?

Benenson: Yes

Matthews: Is that a call to arms?

Benenson: Yeah, for working people in America who have come back from a devastating economic crisis, they know there are no magic bullets after what happened in 2008-2009, Chris. And they know they don’t have the economic security back that they want. And what they want is someone as president who can get things done and that will help them get ahead and stay ahead. They don’t want another bubble economy. They want a path forward where they know they can be on stable footing, their kids can be on stable footing, and they have the future that middle class people had a few years back and want to recapture again.

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