Hillary Clinton’s Emails Contain ‘Operational Intelligence’ That Put Lives At Risk

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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Fox News reports that some of the 22 emails “too damaging” to release from Hillary Clinton’s private email server contain “operational intelligence” that put lives at risk.

The bombshell report by Fox New’s Catherine Herridge and Pamela K. Browne, cites a government official that said the Top Secret information in Clinton’s emails contained “operational intelligence” that could include real-time information about intelligence collection, names of sources and the movement of assets. (RELATED: Reports: Some Of Hillary Clinton’s Emails Are ‘Too Damaging’ To National Security To Release)

The official–who spoke off the record to Fox News–who has reviewed the classified documents that have not been released said that the highly classified information on Clinton’s unsecure email server compromised “sources, methods and lives.”  (RELATED: Former Sec Def Robert Gates: ‘Odds Are Pretty High’ Russia, China, And Iran Accessed Hillary’s Server [VIDEO])

The Clinton campaign has long disputed the nature of the information on the server and has pressed the State Department to release all of the Top Secret emails. (RELATED: Rep. Issa: FBI ‘Would Like To Indict Both Huma [Abedin] And Hillary Clinton’)

Friday, Clinton spokesman Brian Fallon said in a statement, while blaming an “interagency dispute” of classification, “We firmly oppose the complete blocking of the release of these emails. Since first providing her emails to the State Department more than one year ago, Hillary Clinton has urged that they be made available to the public. We feel no differently today.” (RELATED: MSNBC: ‘Explosive Revelations’ Still To Come In Hillary Email Saga [VIDEO])

The revelation that Clinton’s private email server contained Top Secret information that jeopardized lives has House Intel Committee member Rep. [crscore]Mike Pompeo[/crscore] arguing, “There is no way that someone, a senior government official who has been handling classified information for a good chunk of their adult life, could not have known that this information ought to be classified, whether it was marked or not.” (RELATED: MSNBC: FBI’s Hillary Investigation ‘Far More Advanced’ Than Public Knows [VIDEO])

“Anyone with the capacity to read and an understanding of American national security, an 8th grade reading level or above, would understand that the release of this information or the potential breach of a non-secure system presented risk to American national security,” Pompeo insisted. (RELATED: Hillary Is Finally Asked About Non-Disclosure Agreement That Obliterates Her Classified Email Defense [VIDEO])

Pompeo then suggested that the presence of the compromising information on Clinton’s server has lead the military and intel agencies to change their operations because the information, on her unsecure server could have been accessed by a third party.

Last Friday, it was reported that current Secretary of State John Kerry sent Clinton a “secret” email from his personal, unsecure email account from his iPad while he was a senator. (RELATED: State Dept. Records Show John Kerry Sent Hillary A ‘SECRET’ Email From His iPad)

Furthermore, the State Department is also withholding from public release 18 emails between Clinton and Barack Obama. (RELATED: State Dept. Withholding 18 Emails Between Hillary, Obama [VIDEO])

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