Kid Rock Is Diggin’ Trump

Alex Pfeiffer White House Correspondent

Rock musician Kid Rock told Rolling Stone Monday that he’s liking Donald Trump for president.

“My feeling: Let the motherfucking business guy run [the country] like a fucking business,” said Rock.

He previously said he liked Ben Carson, and in 2012 supported Mitt Romney’s run. (RELATED: Kid Rock Likes Ben Carson For 2016)

Rock said, “I’m digging Trump. I feel like a lot of people, whether you’re a Democrat or a Republican, feel like if you get Hillary or Bernie, or you get Rubio or Cruz or whoever, there’s going to be the same shit. Has that much fucking changed when anyone’s in office, whether it’s been a Republican or a Democrat in office, in our lifetime, anyway? I haven’t really seen this big, like, fucking change.”

He continued to add that his campaign is “entertaining as shit.” And while he admits he’s no expert at political science he’s, “a pretty good, tax-paying citizen of this country. Let the business guy in there. It’s not really working too well running it not like a business. I mean, what business fucking survives when they’re fucking broke?”