NBC Nails Palin for Blaming Her Son’s PTSD On Obama [VIDEO]

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In a contentious interview on NBC’s “Today Show,” Matt Lauer and Savannah Guthrie held Sarah Palin’s feet to the fire, questioning her about her comments regarding PTSD, her son who was arrested and the role Barack Obama played.

On Monday’s show from Iowa, Guthrie began by asking Palin, “I want to ask you about something you mentioned on the campaign trail, which is the arrest of your son, Track. And you talked about it and mentioned PTSD. And you said that President Obama may be to blame for some of the PTSD that’s out there.” (RELATED: Palin Addresses Son’s Arrest, Blames Obama For Not Respecting Soldiers [VIDEO])

Palin interjected, “I never said that.”

“Well, no, let’s take it piece by piece. What exactly did you mean,” Guthrie asked of Palin.

“Well let’s start piece by piece. You guys brought me here to talk about Iowa politics and the caucus tonight, not to talk about my kids. And that was a promise,” Palin claimed. “But as things go in the world of media, you don’t always keep your promises, evidently. I never blamed President Obama. What I have blamed President Obama in doing though is this level of disrespect for the United States military that has made manifest in gutting budgets, in not trying to beef it up and let our military do the job that they are trained to do.”

“And in specific issues we’re talking about that are so hot today specifically, let’s get in there and utterly destroy ISIS as we know, our United States military can do it,” Palin argued. “Yet, we have a commander in chief who seems to kind of want to kowtow and allow the enemy to be poking at us. And that’s unacceptable to most Americans. certainly to me.”

Lauer then chimed in, “Do you regret the comment though, Governor Palin on that day of the endorsement?”

“What did I say that is offensive? Exactly what did I say,” Palin insisted.

“That you seem to lay it [son’s arrest and PTSD] at the feet of the president,” Lauer argued.

“I don’t regret any comment that I made because I didn’t lay PTSD at the foot of the president,” Palin claimed. “I did say though that there is, and suggested adamantly that there is much more that our commander in chief can do to prove that he respects our troops and will let them do their job. But no, if you have a specific quote, it allows the media to be credible if you guys would tell me exactly what you’re talking about and then I can address that.”

[dcquiz] “In terms of credibility, there were no specific promises made about content of the interview. Only this would be your first interview since you endorsed Donald Trump,” Lauer claimed. (RELATED: Sarah Palin: ‘I’m Proud To Endorse Donald J. Trump For President’)

“Well, I was told that this interview is about the caucus tonight in Iowa, and right on who will it be to put America back on the right track and restore constitutional government that we’re lacking today and we so need,” Palin claimed. “I said, right on. Let me go talk about that, Sure.”

The interview then ended with typical post interview pleasantries.

During a Donald Trump rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma on January 20, Palin said that her son Track, an Iraq War veteran who was arrested in domestic violence case, was “hardened” in the war and that Barack Obama is to blame because he left “our wounded warriors behind.”


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