Christie Claims Rubio Is ‘The Boy In The Bubble’ [VIDEO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie likened Sen. [crscore]Marco Rubio[/crscore] to “a boy in the bubble” during a campaign stop in Bedford, New Hampshire, on Tuesday.

“You know me, unlike some of these other candidates, I’m not the boy in the bubble,” Christie claimed. “We know who the boy in the bubble is up here, who never answers your questions, who’s constantly scripted and controlled because he can’t answer your quesitons.”

“So when Senator Rubio gets here, when the boy in the bubble gets here, I hope you guys ask him some questions because it’s time for him to start answering questions. He wants to say this race is over, and it’s all him. Seems to me that he should have to sit across from you and answer your questions the way [pointing at the reporters] I do, and you and you. And he hasn’t. So now it’s time for him to man-up, and step-up and stop letting all of his handlers write his speeches and handle him ’cause that’s what they do,” Christie said.

“But that’s what you have to do for somebody who’s never done anything in their life,” Christie suggested. So let’s get him up there, let’s get the boy in the bubble out of the bubble, let’s see if he’ll answer some of your questions. Let’s see if he’ll gaggle with you everyday like I gaggle with you guys everyday when I’m here. Let’s see if he’ll answer your questions and stand up and take them because I don’t think he will, and you know, why because I don’t think he can.”

“So if he’d like a challenge, I’d be happy everyday, I’ll have as many gaggles as Marco Rubio has everyday here,” Christie said. “If he wants to sit here and answer your tough questions about his flip-flops on immigration, and he wants to answer your tough questions about his lack of record and experience, he wants to answer your questions about why he ran away from his own immigration bill when it got too hot, I’m fascinated to hear the answers and I’m sure you will be too. And maybe, he’ll answer more than two or three questions at a town hall meeting and do more than 40 minutes on a little stage, you know telling everybody his canned speech that he’s memorized over the course of his time.”

“This isn’t the student council election everybody. This is an election for president of the United States. Let’s get the boy in the bubble out of the bubble and let’s see him play for the next week in New Hampshire. I’m ready to play. I hope he is because I’ll be ready to see him on Saturday night,” Christie said.

In response, Joe Pounder, a Rubio spokesman said, “No amount of hot air or made-up facts can distract from Chris Christie’s liberal record of supporting Common Core, gun control, abortion rights, Planned Parenthood, and Obama’s liberal judicial picks. Marco is the only candidate who can unite conservatives and beat Hillary Clinton.”

Christie is feeling the heat from Rubio after a lackluster performance in Iowa, finishing in tenth place with just two percent of the vote compared Rubio’s third place finish with 23 precent of the vote. Sen. [crscore]Ted Cruz[/crscore] won Iowa with 28 percent, followed by Donald Trump with 24 percent.


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