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Donald Trump Is Disappointed In You, Iowa: ‘Not Worth It!’

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I may have spoken too soon when I gave Donald Trump some credit. If he’s playing rope-a-dope, he sure isn’t showing the patience for it.

Twitter is Trump’s second-strongest campaign tool. (Third, if you count “being a huge tool.”) And now, thanks to this modern miracle of technology, we can all watch him lose his cool in real time. As Ben Shapiro notes:

Donald Trump kept himself under control last night in Iowa after underperforming in the caucuses and finishing second to Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) while barely beating Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL). He graciously stated that he was honored by his finish, and then left the stage…

He then engaged in a 13-hour Twitter hiatus, prompting Politico to put up a running clock.

And then he came back. And that rare moment of introspection and quietude ended with a bang.

Okay, not bad so far. Shows uncharacteristic grace in defeat, while readjusting the expectations of his followers. Hey, he didn’t think he was gonna win anyway. Not bad, right, folks?

But then:

Uh-oh. The exclamation points are coming out now. He’s getting worked up. Those dirty media scumbags. How dare they.

But you know who he really blames?

Way to go, Iowa voters. Don’t you realize how lucky you were to get this chance? Don’t you realize how badly you blew it? He’ll stay in the race, despite your insolence, but he’s not going to forget this. You’re screwing with the wrong guy, you stupid farmers.

I can see why people like the way Trump is running his campaign. They’re tired of canned, focus-grouped responses to everything. They’re tired of the media manufacturing gaffes and expecting the Republicans to grovel for forgiveness. They’re tired of the phoniness of it all. Trump is a refreshing change from all that tediousness.

But personally, I’d prefer a president with the barest modicum of control over his emotions. Donald Trump is a big crybaby. With tiny baby hands.

P.S. Okay, it’s back to Trump-normal.