Levin: The ‘Browning Of America’ Does Not Include The ‘Browning Of Democrat Leadership’

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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Talk radio host Mark Levin says “the browning of America does not include… the browning of the Democrat leadership.”

Tuesday, during “The Mark Levin Show,” the host argued that the Democrat Party uses minorities for “votes [and] they use them for power.”

“Others have talked about this, it’s all over the internet, and I want to mention this too because I think it is big. Cruz, Rubio, Carson: they came in first, third, and fourth in the Republican caucuses. They took over 60 percent of the vote. Two Latinos and an African American in a Republican primary process in a state that is mostly white.” (RELATED: Ted Cruz Wins Iowa Caucuses, Edging Out Trump And Rubio)

“That’s worth remembering,” Levin argued. “That’s worth remembering because it’s interesting to me and I’ve pointed this out many months ago but let’s point it out again that the media pretend that none of this is happening.”

Using a hypothetical Levin said, “If there were three white people and I mean almost translucent running for the Republican nomination… [Y]ou would get story after story after story about old white man, old white women how they’re out of touch with the new growing browning of America blah, blah, blah. We don’t hear a damn thing about that on the Democrat side. It is amazing to me that without the black vote, without the Latino vote, without the Asian vote the Democrats cannot win.”

“And yet look at the United States Senate. There’s one black Republican [Tim] Scott of South Carolina and there is one black Democrat [Cory] Booker of New Jersey. That’s it,” Levin argued. “Booker of New Jersey, from a party that must have over 90 percent of the black vote in order to win the presidency. Never is that discussed, never because the browning of America does not include [coughs] excuse me, the browning of the Democrat leadership.”

“Not in the Senate, not in the House anyway and damn few governors too,” Levin claimed. “I can’t think of any off the top of my head but I haven’t memorized who all the governors are today either. And yet here we have, take note, three nonwhite candidates and by the way this whole pigmentation thing, I’m not into it but the Democrats are, the liberals are, the media are so let’s addresses it.”

“Three nonwhite candidates. Number one, number three, number four,” Levin said. “Over 60 percent the Republican vote and overwhelmingly white state in the Republican Party. No, the Republican Party does not discriminate as an entity, as an institution. The Democrat Party does as an entity, as an institution. They can fool their constituents but they don’t fool me. They’ve never been completely been able to unable to, to throw off their history. They use minorities. That’s what they do over there in the Democrat party they use them. They use them for votes, they use them for power. Just sayin’.”

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