Beef Jerky Shows Off Its Savory Side With Perky Pepper

Katie Frates Editor-in-chief of The Daily Walkthrough
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Pepper makes me sneeze.

I’m a fan of food sans pepper. I don’t do well with pretty much anything with even a trace of pizzazz. It burns, I cough, I cry, everyone stares, it’s weird.

So naturally my first inclination is to stuff a bunch of Oberto Peppered Beef Jerky in my mouth. Can’t exactly write a review without tasting it, right?


Oberto Peppered Beef Jerky Review (Credit: Katie Frates)

Oberto Peppered Beef Jerky Review (Credit: Katie Frates)

I was hesitant when I opened the bag because I don’t particularly like the smell of pepper, either. To my surprise I actually had to shove my nose in the bag and take a couple big whiffs to smell Oberto’s version of this classic jerky. Just like Oberto’s teriyaki, the smell is subtle. I don’t mind a less-than-pungent smell but you’re certainly not going to get a peppered punch to the face with this one.

Oberto’s Peppered Beef Jerky continues its trend of drier jerky. Pieces range from bite-sized to crumbles at the bottom of the bag and rip apart easily. It’s nice to be able to pop them into my mouth while watching Netflix but I tend to eat them so quickly it tricks my brain into thinking there’s less jerky.

Oberto Peppered Beef Jerky Review (Credit: Katie Frates)

Oberto Peppered Beef Jerky Review (Credit: Katie Frates)

If you’re thinking the taste must be mild if the smell is, you’re wrong. I took a tiny nibble out of the side of a strip and it definitely has flavor. The pepper creates a pleasant tingle on your tongue that lingers long after you’ve stopped eating (presumably because there’s none left). The flavor is middle of the road: not too mild, not too intense. If you prefer your peppered jerky to have more kick, Oberto might not be the brand for you.

Like I said in the beginning, I don’t much care for peppered jerky. I have to hand it to Oberto, though. It makes a good jerky and I was surprised that I really didn’t mind its peppered jerky. My recommendation? If you like peppered beef jerky you should absolutely give it a try.

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