Chris Matthews Utterly Fails At Predicting The Epic Failure Of Rand Paul’s Presidential Campaign

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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MSNBC’s Chris Matthews said, “You watch, this is what I do for a living” in 2013 after he predicted that Rand Paul would be the Republican nominee in 2016.

Watchers of politics would note that Wednesday, Matthews’ bold prediction was proven disastrously wrong. Rand Paul dropped out of the 2016 race after a lackluster performance in Iowa to focus on his contested senatorial campaign in Kentucky. (RELATED: Rand Paul Suspends Presidential Campaign)

As the Washington Free Beacon rediscovered, Matthews predicted that “the Republican Party is going to go hard-right in 2016. It’s going to run someone from the growing hard-right wing of the party, something it hasn’t done since 1980.”

Citing a supposed pattern that the Republicans went hard right in 1964 by nominating Berry Goldwater and the Democrats went hard left and nominated George McGovern in 1972, Matthews said, “I believe the Republican base will do the same in 2016.”

The Republicans “put up with George Bush the First, put up with Bob Dole, were deeply disappointed with the big spending George W., and last year again by Mitt Romney, and now are going to come loaded for bear for the race for 2016. So I predict the hard right is going to take over the Republican Party in 2016, and the nomination is going to Rand Paul. You watch. This is what I do for a living.”

Well, we watched, and Matthews, you were wrong.


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