Sour Grapes: Trump Alleges Cruz Committed ‘Fraud’ In Iowa, ‘Stole’ Election

Derek Hunter Contributor
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Two days after graciously congratulating Texas Sen. [crscore]Ted Cruz[/crscore] on his caucus victory in Iowa, billionaire businessman Donald Trump is singing a more sour tune. Trump now says Cruz “stole it.”

During Monday’s caucus, Cruz staffers circulated a CNN story claiming Dr. Ben Carson would be ending his campaign after the vote. The story was false, since Carson was only taking a day off the trail to return home to “get fresh clothes,” but it wasn’t clarified until after the vote. The Cruz campaign has admitted circulating the false news story but insists the error was on CNN’s part.

The Cruz campaign’s actions were based on the CNN story and not a rumor started by them, according to the campaign. But that hasn’t stopped Trump from claiming fraud.